Robb & Kathy Blanchette 

Written by Joyce Groom          Copyright © 2009-2017 Robb & Kathy Blanchette. All rights reserved.

Heaven’s Growin’ Sweeter


Heaven’s growin’ sweeter all the time. God’s amazing glories will be mine.

This old world is growing dim. And I’m longing to see Him. Yes, Heaven’s growin’ sweeter all the time.

Look around this troubled world, with sin on every hand. People search for happiness and peace across our land.

The Holy Bible tells us, that peace will never be. 'Till God’s Kingdom comes and Heaven we will see.


When pain consumes your waking hours, and nights are long and drear. Memories of olden days Mingle with your tears.

Jesus knows your hurts and fears, He suffered agony. Trust that He’s prepared. A better place to be.


When those most precious to you, have left this world and gone. Prayers seem to go unanswered. For reasons yet unknown. When your heart is grieving, and tears fill your eyes. Lift them upward friend. And see beyond the skies.


I know…Chorus

Yes, Heaven’s growin’ sweeter. I know, Heaven’s growin’ sweeter all the time.

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