Robb & Kathy Blanchette 

CD Information
Robb and Kathy do all of the arranging, and use computers to create the accompaniment tracks.

Laborers Together

  • Laborers Together0:55
  • I Will Stand1:19
  • Amazing Grace (My Chains are Broken)1:02
  • You Are So Good1:02
  • Great And Awesome God0:54
  • From My Window1:42
  • God's Wonderful People1:07
  • We Praise Your Holy Name1:02
  • Flow Within Us1:04
  • Mansion Over The Hilltop0:59
  • I Believe In The Creators Love1:09
  • Glory To His Name1:03          Copyright © 2009-2017 Robb & Kathy Blanchette. All rights reserved.

Music Ministry

God's Wonderful People --- Words/Music Lanny Wolfe Music 1974, Capital CMG Publishing
Robb plays acoustic guitar and sings.
Kathy plays electric guitar and sings.

We Praise Your Holy Name --- Words, Music Robb, Kathy Blanchette 2016
Robb plays acoustic guitar, bass guitar, and sings.
​Kathy plays lead guitar and sings.

Flow Within Us ---Words, Music Ernie McArthur 2007
Robb plays acoustic guitar and sings.
​Kathy plays lead guitar and sings.

Mansion Over The Hilltop ---Words, Music Ira F. Stanphill,

New Spring 1949
Robb plays acoustic guitar and sings.
​Kathy plays electric guitar and sings.​

I Believe In The Creator's Love --- Words/Music Ernie McArthur 2007

​Robb, Kathy Blanchette 2016

Robb plays acoustic guitar and sings.                                         

Kathy plays lead guitar and sings.

Glory To His Name ---Words, Elisha Albright Hoffman​ 1878; Music,
John Hart Stockton, 1879
Robb plays acoustic guitar and sings.
​Kathy plays electric guitar and sings.

​Rob Blanchette and Kathy Behnke sing harmonies.

Laborers Together ---Words, Music Jonathan E. Pennington, Harbor Gospel Music  Production/BMI;   Harmonies arranged by Dayspring Trio, Americus, GA
Robb plays acoustic guitar and sings.
​Kathy plays electric guitar and sings.

I Will Stand ---Words, Melody Joyce Groom 2016, Music, Robb, Kathy Blanchette
Robb plays electric guitar and sings.
​Kathy sings.

Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)--- Chris Tomlin, John Newton, Louie Giglio;  2006 sixsteps Music, Vamos Publishing

Robb plays acoustic guitar and sings.
​Kathy plays lead guitar and sings.

​Rob Blanchette sings harmony.

You Are So Good To Me--- Words, Music Joyce Groom, Robb, Kathy Blanchette  2016

Robb plays acoustic guitar and sings.                                                    
​Kathy plays lead guitar and sings.

Great And Awesome God ---Words, Music Ernie McArthur 2007
Robb plays acoustic guitar and sings.                                                               
​Kathy plays lead guitar and sings.

From My Window ---Words, Music Ray Guzzardo 2016
Robb plays acoustic guitar and sings.
​Kathy plays lead guitar and sings

Kathy Behnke sings harmony.

This CD has been by far our most challenging and most rewarding effort to date.  As we felt led by God to work on this project, we witnessed His might and power as He triumphed over the devil's schemes to distract us from completing this album.  We saw firsthand how God can take the devil's wicked plots to destroy, and turn them into something beautiful to further the Kingdom – this CD is a labor of love that displays just that. 

We are thrilled to feature two of our children, Rob and Kathy on a few songs. Our son, Rob sings harmony on Amazing Chains/My Chains Are Gone. Our daughter, Kathy sings harmony on From My Window. You'll hear them both singing on Glory To His Name. It was a great blessing to include them on this project.

We thank our son, Rob for his accompanying harmonies on"Amazing Grace/ My Chains Are Gone" and "Glory To His Name". Thanks aThroughout our travels, we're blessed with opportunities to meet many talented brothers and sisters in Christ – a number of whom have inspired and/or written songs that we've included on this album. There are seven original songs on this project.

Our friend, Joyce Groom from Kirksville, Missouri wrote two songs on our last CD. We've included two more of her compositions on this one."I Will Stand" is a song of faith, proclaiming God's ability and willingness to carry us through the storms of life. We trust Him, holding firm and Standing on the Promises of God. We perform this song with a driving country boogie beat.

"You Are So Good", is a joyful song, recounting the goodness of God to each believer, who has been forgiven and saved forevermore, through Jesus, our Lord, King and Lover of our souls. We took the liberty of adding a second verse to this song and gave it a counrty music touch, adding acoustic instruments such as dobro, mandolin and ukulele.

We've recorded songs on each of our CD's by Ray Guzzardo from Clermont, Florida. On this project we include his song,
"From My Window"  written from the perspective of someone in prison. In a prison cell, a small window near the ceiling lets light in but is too high to see out. The words of this song describe heavenly scenes based on Revelation 21, envisioned as the prisoner, who has received Jesus as Lord, imagines being able to look out this window.

​We met songwriter, Ernie McArthur, while volunteering at The Creation Museum in October of 2014. Ernie works for the Museum and gave us permission to record songs he has written. We chose three to record on this CD.

"Great and Awesome God"  reveals God as The Giver of all things good and holy. He is always near even though Heaven is His Home.  We had fun recreating the 1980's Rock sound for this song with driving drums, bass guitar, distorted lead guitar, organ plus three part background vocals. 

"Flow Within Us"  requests the Holy Spirit to flow within us in power, that we may demonstrate in faith, the love of Jesus Christ through the Holy Gospel, to a lost world. The style of music chosen for this song was, praise and worship .

​"I Believe In The Creator's Love"  is simply a song proclaiming faith in our Heavenly Father Above. It is a light, pop song.

We added a bridge to this song which Ernie had not originally recorded.

"We Praise Your Holy Name"  was written by us in praise and worship style. Our Triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit are holy and worthy of praise.

​We thank our daughter, Kathy Behnke for the CD design.